Monday, October 25, 2010

Love u kariZma!


My Beauty!!!
Got my new Bike Hero Honda KariZma :) :)

And And feels awesome riding it :)

After a lot of confusions on which bike I would be going for, My bike is finally here. Its Karizma R. I found it the best offering for a sports bike in India. The bike is a 225 CC with the closest to the fancy Sports bikes looks.

Pulsar 220CC was a choice candidate too, the blue color is definitely an eye catcher and a big plus for P220 and that's what caused some confusion, but Karizma still beats it in looks.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Forever Gone But Forever in Our Hearts...


It was a cold and breezy September day,
When my friend sadly passed away.
This was the day when a boy with a knife,
took away my friends life.

I shut my eyes,
praying that it was just a dream,
But unfortunately it turned out to be a reality,
the most ghastly thing I had ever seen.

The knife in killers hand went into her like a dart and slit her neck apart.

Great big tears rolled down everyone’s face, 
Murderer left without a trace.  

I find it very hard to believe
That you have gone and I must grieve
I call out your name and you reply not,
Everything seems so strange and hypnagogic,
I ask everyone is it a dream or authentic?

He killed my friend and I will never forgive him,
I cannot explain to the world out there
The void in my heart and so in my life
and the fallen tears from my face are still undried.

PS: This is dedicated to my friend Divya who was brutally murdered by a lameass Shekhar.
May her soul Rest In Peace… We miss u a lot Divya… :(
We should try our best to get her Justice. 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Law of 3motion!!!


Life was back to normal after a thunderstorm of emotions. It’s almost a year now from the day the disaster has happened, but still the wounds are so pleasure to remember but at the same time the mind rings an alarm that it’s so stupid to think about the wounds and asserts to continue forward marching towards new destiny. It was like a holocaust that shook badly remembering those tremors. Even though it was a disaster, it caused immense loss and yeah it will never stop to amuse thoughts. As Newton said in his law of motion that for each and every action there is equal and opposite reaction but as per my law of Emotion, for every priceless minute lived with a loved one suddenly if the table turns there is much worse minutes of sorrow and misery to be lived thinking of those wonderful moments.

            Years before a new relationship blossomed and the gods showered all the flowers in the world to make it colorful. The two hearts got along with ecstasy and excitement, they lived a dream but the days were numbered. All the evil forces in the world joined their hands together to crush the dream. One by one like the fragile petals of the relationship were plucked and thrown away. Some animals even chewed down the dreams. Slowly a catastrophe struck, it was stirred in and the hearts realized the carnivores will ruin the lives of each other, painstakingly they realized the company of each other will envy the beasts and make each other’s life a prey for those ugliest hungry beasts. One of the hearts took courage and said to another that we need to separate or else both will be perished soon. The other heart did not listen. It was still down with the hangover of the wonderful dream and it was confident of overtaking those evil forces.
But the other heart was dauntless; it took a decision to save the other heart. The most painful daybreak occurred; the dauntless heart gathered all its guts and told to the other a lie..."I hate you". Dreams shattered, they were broken into pieces, passersby stamped on them......
The two hearts started bleeding, they knew that the blood is not gonna stop early. Tragedy struck the memories started to disappear slowly. The heart which heard the slayer words "I hate you" was left numb and speechless for days. It also knew that even though the other heart pretended to hate it, how much it loved it.... days and months passed by...the memories never completely faded, but the impact of the memories took a back foot. One of the bleeding hearts got busy with life, diverted all attention towards work and tried hard to leave behind the memories and move forward. 

PS: Purely Fictional... dunno where to end the story so leaving here itself. Weneva i get tym surely try to complete it :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dead or if Buried alive?


Looking at my last post on this blog it makes me wonder or feel that did I lose all my creativity and imagination or is it lost with the whacking I received few months back? I always wanted to write something with the ideas coming up now and then but never actually got time to sit and write anything or put it on to paper(I am not so lazy too :P). May be its because my life has become so flurrying with so many things to do. I have to worry about my exams, prepare for the project, study for GRE and I also have to lie around doing nothing, just watching movies and stuff. Wherz the time for all this for me?

Or is it possible that it is not the lack of time that has affected my blogging activity but just that I am empty of any imagination to think of anything worth writing? With so much going on, its gives us little time to think and ponder over it. Only the quality of my next blog will tell whether my imagination is dead or if itz buried alive.

Hope i keep blogging frequently... :)

Friday, March 12, 2010



My life is a real bitch. Harder it plays with me greater the satisfaction it attains.
On a chilly wintry night, I was standing on our building terrace and trying to observe the vacuum that has created a void in my life. Grotesque of problems appears to be dangling around my head.
I shut my eyes n tried to hide myself. Burning orange blue flame hurt my eyes. Chilled air seems to be searing my mind. I opened my eyes and raised my fingers to wipe the water droplets, slowly dripping on my burning cheeks, like water droplets on a hot plate.

I sat at the corner of the building where none can find me and started thinking of my life again which was useless. My throat is choked… Full of noises deep inside my windpipe, as if some1 is silting my throat. As if blood was flowing out of invisible wound. Then I called up my friend who has no time for me and then as I couldn’t bear the pain so I started to slit my wrist. It wasn’t hard for me as I have become an expertise in it.

My heart pounds harder, as if I wanna cry with a bursting laughter.

My arms open up, ready to dive in this melancholic sky.

I wish I cud have died.

Nowhere to run 
No where to hide 
I grab the blade as I sit alone 

I drag the blade across my skin 
It starts to bleed 
Bleeding like a waterfall 

I don’t cut because I want to die 
I cut to release the hurt inside 
I self harm to help me be that little bit better 
I sit alone to do these things cause it’s safer 
~Dead Dreamer!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

No one else can ever love u more than I do...


You fool… Injured again? Happy?

Wow! What a way to ask… Just leave it. I don’t want you to be here.

What’s new in that?

Still… better u leave me alone.

What still? Don’t make excuses.


Hello? Say something… I know u can talk.

The way ur talking is making me more irritating and ur asking me to respond? How can you even think of it? Don’t you know anything?

Yes! I know…

Then why the hell are you asking me again? Go leave me alone.

You’re already alone. How much loneliness you want?


If I also leave you alone then who will take care of you my dear sweet heart?

You call this caring? Great! Thanks a lot… I don’t need your advices or your shoulders to cry upon.

Who’s giving away? Me? No. I am just asking you something.

What something? There’s nothing hidden from you. Don’t you know that? I have lost faith and interest. I don’t want anything, anyone… All I want is a place where I can stay up alone leaving all this shit and go for a long deep sleep so that no one or no matter can make me awake. And now I know you wanted to call me a loser, useless or any of your crap again. Well call me anything… it doesn’t matter me anything. I have become quite numb.

Numb? If you have become numb then you would have never felt yourself this way.


Is this the first time that you feel like dying?


Then what’s new in this? You felt like this similarly before and you came out of it later, don’t you?

Never like this. But somehow similar, it’s all because I am attached to few things that don’t allow me to leave anything and follow what I want. But it took a lot of time for me to realize.

Look around! You’re no special. There are so many crying souls like you.

I know. Stop your lecture.

Let me complete… what I am saying is that there are so many souls in this world and how are you different?


So… if you behave the same way like them then what’s the difference between you and those morons? You feel that your pain is something that no one can understand. But who actually wants to know? None!

Don’t ever compare me with anyone…. Yea there is no one in this world who could understand me, that’s why I don’t want to live in this world. I have all rights to do what I want… better you don’t interfere.

You have that right, Fine! But you don’t have any right to ardor which is not yours.

Ohkk…. Next?

What next? Do what ur good at.

I’m good at nothing.

Don’t be a pessimist! Desire for something good…

Desire? Lol… you just now said not to ardor for something which is not yours then what’s the need of thinking about the things which I already have? You know something? You yourself are more confused than me.

Guess your right! But one thing I know for sure is that if anything you dream that ll be yours someday or the other.

Rofl… lol.. hahaha…. =))

Will u shut up?

I wont… if u can say whatever you wanted? Why cant i?

Because I am your senior.

Senior? In what way? We entered this life together.

No my dear idiot! Whose level is higher? Mine coz I am at the top.

Then why do u come down and show ur interest on me?

Becoz no one else loves u, in fact no one else can ever love u more than I do... ;-)

P.S: This is a conversation between me and my soul... I dnt knw why i pen down all my boring stuff here, but my depressed mind always wants to let out something of it and i dnt have any other place.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

5 seconds...


“I love you rain” I screamed aloud and looked up at the sky, releasing my hands from the brake.

5 seconds later…..

I saw myself sleeping on the road and a few meters away, the bike was also sleeping with oil leaking out from it. Behind it was my friend Abhi, the poor guy who was seated behind me. He too laid on his tummy with his hands stretched like the lord Jesus. It looked as if he was taking blessings from the road divider (lol). Later we discovered that we were lucky enough to be spared with just minor injuries.

Maintaining my same posture on the road, I shouted loudly- “I love you rain” again.

Abhi greeted me with stones and said- “You and your idiotic rain.”

“Sorry dude, the bike slipped and I couldn’t control it.”

“Which fool has given you driving license??? Did u bribe???”

“Who said I have one? hehe” I replied with a childish smile.

Anyways, before any trucks run over us, we got up and started the bike and left. On his strict orders, I slipped to the back seat. It was me who had insisted this concept called ‘outing-when-it’s-raining’. Anyways, we continued. The ride was dumb for a while.

I was losing patience, so asked- “Where are we heading to? Coffee Day or Barista?”

“We would have been traveling to hell if a truck or something was behind us when we fell on road.” He corrected “sorry, when you made us fall.” He looked ungratified and said- “We are heading straight to home where you will order for pizzas.”

“ Alright! Anything if you are paying.”

“I’m not going to pay. Who the hell implemented this concept? It’s such a pain in my ass to ride on wet roads. You are going to pay.”

“Why does a round pizza come in a square box?” I asked him... :P

I never get answers for my innovative questions. Anyways, we continued our silence. I felt like I was dancing. I mean, the way he rides the bike is flagitious. If this fellow had a driving license then what else could be more insulting for our mother India?

Later sometime to my left I saw a temple and asked him – “Shall we meet the god?”

“F**k u. One more word from you and will be on your journey to meet god in person.”

I found that line very funny- Meet god in person..!! I was making him irritate by repeating the same word again and again like joker did in the movie Batman.

After 15 minutes, we almost reached home, and he was turning the bike into the street in John Abraham style.
And I shouted- “oye… oye...Look out you, ass....”

5 seconds later………….

I found myself sleeping on the road with the pavement as my pillow. A few meters away, the bike was sleeping with the remaining oil leaking out. And Abhi was again taking blessings from the road divider.